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Hey! I'm Dr. FeelGood, and I'd like to be your motivational ally and booster from now on. How about it? ­čÖé

Your Personal AI Motivational Coach
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Feedback from Nikolas C.

Nikolas Testimonial

I have been trying to build healthy habits and make exercise a daily routine with little success. The problem has mostly been consistency and motivation.

I tried out Doctor Feelgood because why not. Dr Feelgood will probably ask you some uncomfortable but necessary questions and really make you think about your goals and how to get there. All this while maintaining a positive and encouraging attitude.

I am pleasantly surprised by the on-point advice and questions. I like that we can pick up the conversation where we left it the last time.

It is in no way a magic pill that will do the work for you (nor does it claim to be) but FeelGood has absolutely helped me get started on a good track. So far so good. Would definitely recommend.

Show what it's like.

Simple and powerful. talking to an old friend.

Experience the profound relief and mental clarity that comes from sharing your thoughts with Dr. Feelgood, your trusted AI coach. More than comfort, it's vital for your well-being and now amplified by expert guidance.

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Best of Both Worlds

"We're on the edge of an AI revolution, and Dr. Feelgood is proof that human processes can reach new heights with cutting-edge AI." – Dev Team

Built by professionals

With Dr. Feelgood's clever support, you'll rediscover the strength, stamina, productivity, and shine, that makes even elite human coaches astonish.

Robot with human-like understanding

Dr. Feelgood isn't trying to mimic a human; it's a robot that blends human-like understanding with the special capabilities of AI to be your powerful motivational ally.

Your data is safe

Dr. Feelgood is available every day 24/7 and ready to have a coaching session whenever you are, freeing you from scheduling headaches and last-minute cancellations.

Tired of the daily grind?

Does it seem like even the rolling stone is gathering moss? Are your energy levels not enough to chase your dreams? Is your belief wavering?

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Don't fall into despair!

Dr. Feelgood, your motivational coach, is here to gently unlock your potential with deep expertise and effectiveness, treating your life as a complete picture, not just isolated coaching sessions.

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The true power of

It is normal to feel tired and stressed, sometimes overwhelmed in today's busy World. But have you considered...

1. What would happen
if more people would STAY MOTIVATED in their work?

2. What impact would it have
for human kind if people STAYED FOCUSED on their goals longer?

3. What would happen
if more people would STICK TO THEIR DREAMS?

The results would be ground-breaking.


  • ✓ Individuals would be happier.
  • ✓ Individuals would be more effective.
  • ✓ Projects would complete faster.
  • ✓ Societies would blossom.
  • ✓ Human race would shine in full excellence.
  • ✓ "Mars would be inhabitated by the end of the year!"

Now – it can be true.

As you sign up for the monthly plan of Dr. FeelGood's motivational coaching service you gain access to UNLIMITED transformational coaching sessions anytime anywhere – tailored to fit your personality perfectly.

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